South African Actor Beaten in Alleged Homophobic Attack

Times Live is reporting that Sisonke Yafele told was brutally beaten in what he described as a homophobic attack.

Speaking with the outlet, the actor said was walking home with friends in the early hours of Sunday morning when they passed a couple standing outside their home.

He said:

“It was around 3am. We were jolly and celebrating the Bokke win. The guy said we are talking shit and my friend and I told him to leave us alone, and we just brushed it off. The guy then said he will ‘show me’.

A few minutes later I felt a stick hitting me from the back. I  turned around and struggled with him. The woman he was with slapped me in my face, and I asked them what we did wrong.

I didn’t know they hated me because these are people I see and greet regularly, and they never showed any signs of hate, which is why at first I thought they were mistaking me with somebody else.

Because these are people from my neighbourhood, I started saying ‘guys, it’s me’. They replied by saying ‘shut up you fucking m****e. We know who you are and today we will beat the gayness out of you’.”

He said his female friend ran off because she saw a group of people approaching them.

“I heard her scream and tell me there are people coming. As I tried to run, one of them tripped me and I fell. They started kicking and beating me up. I even pissed myself. I was bleeding and in so much pain.

More and more people came by. By then I was swollen around my eyes and I couldn’t tell what was happening. But I could hear them tell new attackers that I had tried to rape a girl, and the person would join in.

Another person would ask before joining in, and they would tell them I robbed someone. Anything to get a mob.”

He also shared pictures of his injuries:


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