South Africa Issues Arrest Warrant for Grace Mugabe

South African prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Zimbabwe’s ex-first lady, Grace Mugabe, for allegedly assaulting a model in 2017, authorities say.

This comes after a court annulled her diplomatic immunity in July, with South Africa’s government heavily criticised for letting her leave the country after the alleged assault.

Gabriella Engels accused Mrs Mugabe of beating the “hell out of me” with an electric extension cord in a hotel room in Johannesburg.

Mrs Mugabe said at the time that she had acted in self-defence after the “intoxicated and unhinged” model attacked her in the room where her she had partied with her two sons.

The alleged assault took place about three months before the military takeover in Zimbabwe, which saw Robert Mugabe step down as president after 37 years in power.

Police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo said on Wednesday: “I can confirm that a warrant for the arrest of Grace Mugabe was issued last Thursday.”

He said police were seeking the assistance of Interpol to enforce the warrant, even if it remains unclear whether South Africa will push for Mrs Mugabe’s extradition.


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