Soldier Commits Suicide after Killing 16-yr-old Wife

A Cambodian military officer has killed himself after shooting dead his 16-year-old wife in a fit of jealousy, police said Monday.

Captain Chuon Narong, a penal police officer in Choam Ksan district, identified the soldier as Second Lieutenant Vong Tol, 32, who worked at the provincial military base, and the wife as Uy Sokhom, a farmer who lived in the district.

Cap Narong said that at about 6.30pm on Sunday, Sec Lt Tol shot his wife in their house in Toek Kraham commune’s Sen Rungroeung village before committing suicide by shooting himself in the head.

He said that neighbours heard the couple arguing at about 6pm on Sunday because the husband suspected that the wife was having an affair.

Cap Narong said that Sec Lt Tol accused Ms Sokhom of having an affair with a young man in the village, but she denied it.

He noted that the neighbours said that they did not intervene because the couple argued daily over the suspected affair.

Cap Narong said that during Sunday’s argument, Sec Lt Tol beat his wife and she became angry. She asked for a divorce but he did not agree.

“He was angry with the wife for wanting to divorce him,” he said. “He took an AK-47 rifle and shot at both her breasts, killing her on the spot.”

“After killing his wife, he committed suicide by firing a bullet into his head,” Cap Narong added.

He noted that neighbours heard the shots and went to find out what happened.

Cap Narong said that when they saw the bodies in the house, the neighbours alerted police.

He added that after examining the bodies, police concluded that it was a murder-suicide and have handed Sec Lt Tol’s and Ms Sokhom’s remains to their relatives for funerals.

The couple did not have any children.

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