Sofia Vergara Sends Warning Message to Fans After Her Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Sofia Vergara has sent out an alert to fans after her Instagram account got hacked.

Trouble started after fans noticed suspicious posts on the actress’ Instagram, one of which read, “Hello guys! I am giving away 1000 FREE IPhone X’s and Apple watches on my Instagram stories right now!!! Claim them before it’s too late! Gracias, Te Amo.”

Discerning fans quickly noticed that things were not right and began tweeting her, letting her know of the suspicious activity. “I think your @instagram account has been hacked @SofiaVergara,” one Twitter user wrote. And another fan tweeted Vergara, “I think your Instagram might be hacked. That is unless you’ve got 1000 iPhones to spare, pretty sure that’s not you, plz check that out.”

Not long after, Vergara tweeted that her Instagram “got hacked” and warned her followers not to answer “those idiots.”

“Don’t send them any info. we r after them,” she assured her fans.

She has finally regained control of her page, because she tweeted a photo of her and her husband Joe Manganiello enjoying their vacation together.

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Good morning from #casachipichipi🐚🦀

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