‘Social media pushing Nigeria towards another genocide’ – Pat Utomi

Renowned development economist, Professor Pat Utomi, has alerted the nation to the dangerous activists of some social media users.

He said such users fan the ember of discord among Nigerians by beating the drums of war on their platforms, noting that if not quickly checked, the activities of such users could ignite another civil war.

Speaking on a Channels Television programme, Utomi described the Nigeria Civil War, popularly called Biafra War, as the second worst genocide of the century and expressed fear that Nigerian social media users were constantly dragging the country towards another civil genocide.

The economist recalled the event that plunged Nigeria into Biafra war, saying: “Nothing much has been learnt because we kept sweeping issues under the table.

“What really created the problem was the ego and competition of the power brokers because we didn’t create the public sphere for rational public conversation.

“While the more mature people, like the late Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, tried to prevent that war from happening, some younger people, who were not so mature but had authorities, headed elsewhere.”

The former DG of Lagos Business School added: “The Twitter and Facebook fellows are moving us (Nigerians) close to the state that I saw in 1966.

“We haven’t learnt much, but there is still much time to begin.

“The Nigerian Civil War was terrible in terms of the number of lives lost. I dare also to say that the Nigerian Civil War is the second worst genocide of 20th century.”


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