Skai Jackson Gets Restraining Order Against Bhad Bhabie

Skai Jackson has been granted the restraining order she registered against Bhad Bhabie, and this came after the rapper threatened to kill her.

TMZ reports that Jackson filed in L.A. on Thursday, after the 16-year-old rapper threatened Jackson on Instagram earlier this week. The outlet adds that a judge granted the restraining order shortly after it was filed.

The drama all started on Monday, after Bhabie indirectly called out the 17-year-old actress on Instagram Live, alleging that Jackson has become “obsessed” with her, has started flirting with guys that the rapper is seen with—including NBA YoungBoy—and is even using a finsta to talk shit.

“I wanna know why every time I’m seen with a dude, bitches wanna get all up on they page?” Bhabie said. “The bitch is a huge fan! You’re a whole fan! She’s moving sneaky bro! Don’t go post about me on your fake page, bitch. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page. Show me you fucking bold!”

And it deteriorated from there.

“I’m finna go to jail behind a Disney thot,” Bhadie said “Bitch, what are you even doing in these men’s DMs? … Like you just trying to get me mad at this point,” she added. “I see what you’re doing, and it’s going to get you killed. Like, that’s the thing: I’m gonna f*ckin’ kill you. Don’t post your location…because I’m coming.” Jackson appeared to respond to Bhabie via the below tweet, in which she listed her accomplishments.

See her rant:

Which is why Jackson filed the restraining order, and now, Bhabie has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Skai, and can’t contact her.

And here’s what the rapper thinks of the restraining order:

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