Singer Waje Explains Why She’s Considering Quitting Music

Waje has finally explained why she is yet to put out any new music and why she may consider quitting, too.

The singer sat with friends for a new interview in which she talked about how difficult it has become to promote her projects. “Maybe it’s fair to give a rest for now,” she said, adding, “I can’t have released an album after everybody has been shouting ‘Waje, your last album is how many years ago?’ All the people that were shouting, where are they?”

She continued, “I nor get the money for publicity. I don’t have the money. [My daughter]’s school fees is there. It’s like I have ten things laid out for me every time but it has always been my music taking the bulk of the money. I am not willing to put money there anymore.”

The video has stirred heartfelt reactions on social media, with many fans pleading with organisations and entertainment platforms to collaborate with the singer.

See the video below:

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