Dencia Undergoes Procedure to Freeze Her Eggs, Tells Fans to Secure Their Future

Dencia is not taking chances with her future.

Today, the Nigerian-Cameroonian singer took to her social media to reveal she has undergone the procedure of freezing her eggs, something she always wanted to do when she was in her early 20s.

“In my early 20s, I wanted to freeze my eggs and my doctor said [no]. [In my] mid-twenties, I told her I must do it, told her my reasons and she said ok,” the 28-year-old revealed.

She added, “I have written a blog on why [you should freeze your eggs] if you can afford it. Freeze your eggs in your 20s. Secure your future, fam.”

She also shared a snapshot of the hospital document which hinted that may have chosen to do this to mitigate against mental retardation.

Speaking about the procedure with BBC, as reported by Guardian, Dr Helen O’Neill of University College London said that the quality of a woman’s eggs declines rapidly when she reached the age of 30.

“Unfortunately, the prime age people start to freeze their eggs is 35, which is a little bit too late,” she said. “The benefits of [egg freezing] are that you are taking your fertility into your own hands. If you’re checked and you have a low fertility, it’s best to act early.”

She went on to add that the procedure costs about  £5,000 per cycle, which is many young people can’t afford it. Also, it is not an “absolute guarantee” that a woman will get pregnant later.

Will you do it if you can afford it?

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Singer Dencia undergoes egg-freezing procedure

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