Simi Esiri Confirms Rumour that Her Marriage to Dr. SID is Over

Simi Esiri has taken to her Instagram to publish a note in which she confirmed the rumour making rounds that her marriage to Mavin star, Dr. SID, was over.

According to the businesswoman, she is being defamed by people who alleged that she viciously assaulted the singer during their marriage, adding that they are moving forward with divorce.

“A lot of you may have known for some time now that Sid and I are no longer together and are moving forward with the tough decision to divorce,” she wrote, adding, “our priority will now be working together as co-parents in raising out two beautiful daughters.”

She further addressed the claims that she assaulted SID and refusing him access to their children; she called these allegations “incredibly false,” and hinted that she will be taking actions against the rumourmongers.

She said a lot more. See her post below:

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