Simi Calls Out the Police for Hiding the Identity of Kolade Johnson’s Killer

Simi has joined the list of celebrities calling out the police over the killing of the Nigerian man, Kolade Johnson, who was reportedly gunned down by an officer of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) on Sunday afternoon.

Recall that Johnson was hit by a stray bullet fired by the police officers during a raid in his neighbourhood in Lagos. His death quickly stirred heated conversations on social media, with many people calling for the scrapping of the police unit.

Yesterday, the police released a statement saying they have the supposed killer in custody and will bring justice to Kolade’s family. However, Nigerians have found it disturbing that they have chosen to hide the identity of this officer, with many even doubting that any officer was under arrest.

And it is for this reason Simi has spoken. “Why internal? Why not make public scapegoats out of them so the others learn accountability,” she said, adding, “if they don’t value our lives because they should, let them value it for fear of the consequences.

See her tweet below:

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