Simi Addresses Naira Marley Amid Cyber Fraud Drama: ‘I Have Nothing Against Him’

Simi wants you all to know that Naira Marley does not belong in her big picture, and so she has nothing against him.

Recall that the singer recently initiated the ongoing conversation about how cyber fraud hurts the country’s image, how the innocent both at home and abroad suffer because of the actions of a few. Many people agreed with her, but Naira Marley justified the criminal activity, his reason being that it is the way to get back to the west because of the transatlantic slave trade.

Naira Marley went further to insult Simi, trolled her on his Instagram and claimed she snubbed him when they ran into each other at an event.

Now, Simi says that they did, indeed, see each other at the event but she walked past because they aren’t friends. “I have nothing against him, she says in a new radio interview.

And she said a lot more.



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