Shocking! Stephanie Otobo Reveals She Was Paid to Slander Apostle Suleman–VIDEO

Stephanie Otobo has confessed to defaming the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministeries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, for financial gains.

From the new video making rounds on social media, the Canada-based singer visited the church of the defamed preacher, dishing details of how she was paid by highly-placed individuals whose sole aim was to tarnish the image of the pastor and destroy his church.

Recall that Otobo had claimed she was in a sexual relationship with the preacher and had an abortion for him. The scorching scandal swept through social media for weeks, as Otobo granted series of interviews, published videos and even alleged photo of her chat with the preacher. He continually denied the cheating accusation, her father and mother labelled her a liar, but Otobo stuck to her story and later slammed the preacher with a $5 million lawsuit.

Now, she has gone on her knees to apologise to the wife of the preacher, confessing to succumbing to higher powers with ulterior motives.

Watch her clip:



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