Shocker! Couple commit suicide over debt 7 days after wedding

The age-long admonishment to ‘cut one’s coat according to their cloth’ rang bitterly true for a newly wedded couple who reportedly committed suicide over the huge financial debts they incurred while planning their wedding.

According to a twitter user familiar with the couple, they swallowed an insecticide, popularly known as sniper, to escape their ordeal.

Narrating the incident on Twitter, the lady, simply identified as Tola, said via her handle, @detolah_,

“A lady was indebted after wedding and killed herself after 3 days, the husband drank sniper too and he’s dead now.

Today makes it 7 days after wedding. I’m still in shock!!! Come and see shouts here o.

For the first time this year, I had tears in my eyes I’ve never believed it until what I saw this night. It was really a terrible scene, wife still dey mortuary sef” she tweeted.

While a Twitter user suggested that it might not be the wedding debt that pushed the couple to commit suicide, Tola further wrote:

“It is! The husband’s family said that’s what she kept saying”

See a screenshot of her tweet below.


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