‘She is Vile’ – Nigerians Roast Linda Ikeji for Publishing a Gay man’s Posts

Top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has come under fire for sharing a gay man’s posts on her blog.

The drama started when a Nigerian Poet, Romeo Oriogun opened up about being gay, his battle with Depression and the time he attempted to take his life.

Ogun, who is a Road Safety officer, won the 2017 Brunei International African Poetry Prize for his acclaimed work on masculinity and desire as it affects the endangered LGBT community in Nigeria.

He took to his Facebook page on Thursday to describe the moment he overdosed on Aspirin as he battled with depression, a post that was quickly shared in LIB, in addition to his personal details.

While Ogun’s post is there in the public domain, many Nigerians have expressed disgust at the blogger for sharing it on her widely-read platform.

Some are of the view that it wasn’t her place to sensationalise the issue, while others fear she has further endangered the poet in light of the dangers faced by the LGBTQ community in Nigeria.

Check out some of the reactions to her post on social media…

But it’s not all hate on the controversial blogger as some think the Ogun put himself on the line when he came out…

The blogger isn’t known to take down already published posts, but in light of this latest furore, it’ll be interesting to see what step she takes.

Fingers crossed…


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