#SexForGrades: Daddy Freeze asks Lecturers to expose Randy Female Students

Outspoken OAP, Daddy Freeze, has called on ‘morally upright’ lecturers to call out female students’ offering sex in exchange for good grades.

Freeze, whose real name is Ifedayo Olarinde, said this in the aftermath of the sex-for-grades scandal that has rocked universities in Nigeria and Ghana.

Reacting to the scandal, Daddy Freeze in an Instagram post said lecturers molesting students was only half of the narrative as there were also students willingly offering themselves for marks.

He said that as a student in a Nigerian university, he knew female students used to offer themselves to lecturers for marks.

He urged lecturers who are morally upright to expose female student trying to seduce them for marks and get them expelled.
He wrote:

“Lecturers molesting students for marks is only one half of the narrative. What about students that offered themselves to lecturers for marks? I know this, I finished from a Nigerian university.

“The pendulum in this story actually swings both ways. I can still remember quite vividly, the story of this one girl that ‘collected’ a lecturer from another girl and the other girl was left heartbroken. Someone who offers a bribe is as guilty as the person who receives it.

He added:

“Dear morally upright Nigerian lecturer, I’m speaking to those who are immune to seduction. I hereby implore you to expose any woman who try to seduce you for marks; lets ensure they never graduate.”

“Let’s address this from both sides. Giving and receiving bribes are both crimes. To qualify to do this you have to be morally upright with a clean track record! Print their text messages, put up their pictures, publish their love notes, get them expelled!”


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