Serena or Messi: Fans Fight over the Greatest of All Time

The 2018 Women US Open final will be remembered for a lot of reasons…it not only ushered in the prodigious talent of Japan’s Naomi Osaka after her stunning upset of Serena Williams, it’s also sparked a debate over the greatest ever athlete.

While Osaka remains the protagonist of the weekend after her heroics in New York, the debate has somewhat shifted to bigger concerns – on the greatest athlete planet earth has ever seen.

In comes Lionel Messi (no surprises), with fans of tennis and football going at each other over who is the rightful #GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

The #USOpen18 final was by no means the greatest moment for Serena, after her tantrum and theatrics threatened to take the shine off Osaka’s imperious performance and history-making win.

Though she has to be credited for silencing the crowd as the Japanese youngster lifted the trophy, her fans (a great many, by the way) took to social media to remind the world that she remains the greatest ever athlete despite the upset.

It all began with a tweet by Hollywood star Gabrielle Union, congratulating the #GOAT Serena, and Osaka for a memorable night.

Of course this didn’t go down well with soccer fans awed by the superhuman talent of Messi, and they made a point of letting her know their feelings were hurt.

Undeterred by the objection, Union doubled down on her claim, challenging Messi to go through the near-death experience of childbirth and return to the top.

Well, she opened Pandora’s Box, and so began the biggest Twitter fight of a dramatic weekend.

Check out some of the tweets on the subject below…

There you have it. Feel free to give your thoughts in our comments below…

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