Selena Gomez Undergoes Depression and Anxiety Treatment After a Difficult Year

Selena Gomez continues to put on a strong front no matter everything she has been through.

Recall that the singer was diagnosed with lupus five years ago and in September 2017, she revealed that her best friend, Francia Raisa, donated her kidney to save her life. After the harrowing experience, the singer reunited with her ex-boyfriend Justine Bieber, and this caused a family row which reportedly caused her mother health issues.

And all of this put a strain on Selena’s mental health.

Now, E! News reports that the Come and Get It singer recently completed a two-week treatment program for depression and anxiety. “She had a difficult year, especially towards the end, and she decided she wanted to spend some time focusing on herself,” the media house reports. “It was all about wellness and her health. She wanted to get back to a healthy place. She feels great.”

The media house adds that Bieber supported her all through the process, and they continue to attend church together.

“They were very happy to see everyone there and were giving lot of hugs and saying hello as they entered,” an eyewitness told E! News. “They both seemed happy and relaxed.”

Another source added, “Everyone around them knows how much they mean to each other and they are truly on a great path together.”

We can’t wait to see her bounce back!

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