SDK Drags Teebillz for Saying Tacha Akide is the “Work of His Hands”

Stella Dimoko-Korkus has refused to allow Teebillz to take credit for Tacha Akide’s hard work!

Moments ago, the former manager took to his Instagram to praise the Big Brother Naija star and subtly taking credit for her successes. “God bless the work of my hands. Until there’s a bigger/successful disqualified housemate from BBN and a perfect human being on earth, I don’t want to hear pim,” he said in his post. Read all about it here.

Now, SDK has refused to let him get away with that; she tagged Teebillz to her post and accused him of deleting her comment, which was why she took the rant to her Instagram page.

“Tacha is not the work of your hands, she is a Project in Gods hands,” she said, adding, “Anytime you are looking for comments and likes and traffic u bring her out and let her get dragged.”

She continued, “Grow up and stop this thing you do…it’s Thursday morning and you can start on a positive note. Stop tagging her to her mistakes and let her move on and grow. Be positive! You said no one should say pim but that’s what you want,to trend dragging her. Enough!”

See her response below:

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