Scott Eastwood makes X-Rated Sex Confessions

Actor Scott Eastwood has shocked fans with confessions on his sex life.

On his podcast, Live Life Better the actor jumped into the subject with no hesitation and told the guest Emily Mortimer he believes, “Everyone should be having sex, with themselves or with someone else.”

When he was asked about his own sexual relationships, the Longest Ride star shared that he is “single, dating and having sex, lots of it.”

Whether or not he is having sex with only one or multiple people, however, “depends when you ask me,” he said.

Eastwood, son of the legendary Clint Eastwood, said people, especially girls, need to understand the importance of never being “ashamed or embarrassed about your sex life.”

For him, he used to be insecure about the level of knowledge he had on the topic in comparison to his partners. “I felt more sexually advanced than some of the people I was with. I had been down a darker road,” the actor shared.

Now that he is more comfortable with his sexuality, he doesn’t know if he could ever commit to a monogamous relationship. Although, he admits, “I feel both sides of the coin. If I’m in a relationship sometimes I’m like, ‘God, I don’t want to be in a relationship. I don’t want to be responsible for somebody.’

Then if I’m not in a relationship, then you’re like, ‘Ah, I want to be in a relationship. I want to Netflix and chill.'”

Watch the full video below.

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