Sarkodie Eviscerates Shatta Wale in New Diss Song Titled “Advice”: LISTEN

Sarkodie has responded to Shatta Wale’s shade with a diss song of his own in which he totally eviscerated the dancehall artiste.

Their feud started after Wale, during a recent sit-down with a radio station, included Sarkodie a Ghanaian artists wallowing in poverty.

Many people reacted strongly to that shade, and now Sarkodie has responded with a diss song titled Advice, in which he described Wale as an insecure attention seeker whose career has reached its peak and soon will be on the decline.

“Your brand [is not] strong enough, If it is strong then keep quiet. You will soon [leave]…You showed d***, one day you will show buttocks. The last thing [that I] want is attention,” he rapped.

Sarkodie questioned the dancehall artiste’s claim to wealth and asked him to stop wearing cheap jewellery. “Who gives an f*** about your chicken change property…f*** all the bragging and chill because honestly your whole bank account couldn’t buy you one tear rubber [Range Rover] Evoque but you claiming supremacy,” he jabbed.

And he said a lot more.

Watch the video below:

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