Sandra Ikeji Unsheaths Her Claws, Drags Cubana Chief Priest by His Hair Following Instagram Fight

Sandra Ikeji isn’t letting the fight between herself and Cubana Chief Priest slide without putting in a final word.

The CEO of Black Dove Models, a modelling and ushering agency, dished a brutal  verbal attack on the celebrity barman after their initial Instagram fight where Sandra had left a comment on the Instagram celebrity post saying “this guy should move abeg”.

The comment didn’t sit well with the celebrity barman who responded by cussing out the Ikeji parents. This prompted the CEO of Events by SI to respond in kind and cuss out Cubana Chief Priest’s children and generation.

After the initial, drama, Sandra drew blood on Instagram with a post calling the barman a “boy boy” and dared him to release a video of her husband drinking at his table following insinuations that her husband drank at his table for free.

In the now deleted post, she went on to say she’s not friends with Cubana Chief Priest and doesn’t intend to be and if he had showed up at her wedding, she would have ‘bounced’ him.


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