Samuel Otigba and Guo Motors Rescue #EndSARS Protesters Stranded at SARS Station in Awkwuzu, Anambra

Samuel Otigba, one of the personnels handling security and medicals for the #EndSARS protest had to get down to the rescue of protesters stranded at the infamous Awkwuzu SARS police station on Friday, October 16.

Protesters in Anambra had marched to the station notorious for abducting and murdering Nigerian youths captured by SARS operatives and had become stranded as buses were not available and it was getting really dark.

It was alleged that the police men in the vicinity started shooting to keep protesters from congregating and in hiding until the cover of darkness was thick enough for whatever plans they had slated for the night.

Thankfully, the efficiency of the Nigerian youths and personnels handling different aspects of the #EndSARS protest came through as social entrepreneur,  Samuel Otigba was contacted and he was able to deploy resources to the location to rescue everyone stranded.

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