Samir Nasri Banned from Football after IV Treatment

France star Samir Nasri has been banned from football following an investigation into the intravenous drip treatment he received at a Los Angeles clinic.

This was disclosed by the midfielder’s legal representative who said a six-month suspension has been imposed on Nasri by Europe’s football governing body, Uefa, Telegraph writes.

Nasri, 31, received 500 millilitres of hydration in the form of sterile water containing micronutrient components on December 26, 2016, while on holiday in the United States.

The former Arsenal playmaker was on loan from Manchester City to Sevilla at the time, and he reportedly called a doctor, his Maryland-based former girlfriend Dr Sarabjit Anand for initial diagnosis after taking ill.

Nasri in the US. Image: Telegraph

He then received treatment from a private medical company, Drip Doctors, in his hotel room and later posed for a photograph with the organisation’s co-founder Jamila Sozahdah, which sparked controversy.

His treatment was said to be in violation of World Anti-Doping Agency rules that allow a 50 millilitre infusion limit per six-hour period for active athletes.

A request by Sevilla for a retroactive therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for Nasri was refused in February 2017 by Uefa, whose decision was later upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Though Spanish sport newspaper Marca reported Nasri has been banned for one year, stating Uefa will confirm that on Monday, Nasri’s lawyer disputed that figure, saying in an email: “Indeed. But he has received only six months suspension.”

The former France international is currently without a club, having left Antalyaspor in January after just six months with the Turkish team.

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