Sam Smith is Suing His Former Record Label Over ‘Chessy’ Unreleased Music

Sam Smith has dragged his former record label to court over unreleased music.

According to NME, the singer was formally signed to Flipbook Music before he became famous, and he recorded two albums that were never released.

In 2016, the label planed to put out the first album, Diva Boy, and shared a single off the album Momentarily Mine. They eventually didn’t release the music because Smith failed to grant them the permission to do so.

Now, Sam Smith doesn’t want any of those songs to be ever released.

Speaking with The Sun, a source close to the parties said: “Sam has worked tirelessly on his pop star image, pouring his heart and soul into two official albums he is proud of. Now he fears he will become a laughing stock if these tracks see the light of day.”

The source added that the unreleased songs are too “cheesy”, that Smith left the record label because he had no control of over the works. “[He] left on bad terms when he refused to let the tracks be released, realising they did not represent him as an artist,” the source claimed. “That was in 2008, but Flipbook isn’t backing down and Sam is doing everything in his power to block the release.”

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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