Sam Smith Gets Dragged for Saying He Doesn’t Like Michael Jackson’s Music

Sam Smith is catching a lot of flak for saying he is not a fan of Michael Jackson’s music.

The British singer was captured saying this during his boating trip with friends, including Adam Lambert who mistakenly shared the video on his Instagram Story.

From the clip, Adam Lambert is seen recording some of the day’s festivities and posting them to his Instagram account. Smith could also be seen jamming out to some Beyoncé, and in another clip, he is captured talking about the musical legend Michael Jackson.

Lambert pans over just as Smith says, “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song.”

See the video below.

While he didn’t necessarily diss the late legend, his candidness was all folks needed to drag the singer all over social media. See some of the reactions below.

The singer had yet to speak up as at press time,


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