Sade Adu’s Transgender Son, Mickailia, Shares Photos of His Mastectomy Scars

Mickailia “Ila” Adu, singer Sade’s only child, who also goes with the name ‘Izaak Theo’ has shared the photos showing the scars from his mastectomy.

Recall that the only child of the legendary singer first came out as a transgender man in an Instagram post in 2016, in which he revealed his new identity and also noted that he had begun hormone therapy.

Ila had previously identified as a lesbian woman, before going on the journey to become a man. And he carried his fans along this journey, sharing details about his new life and the changes in his body as he progressed with the testosterone shots: when he starting growing beards, when his voice completely changed, and when he underwent mastectomy.

Now his wounds have healed and Ila, who is also called Izaak Theo, has shared first full photos of his scars. “My scars set me free,” he said in the post.

Check out the photos below.

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