Runtown Accused by His Record Label of Orchestrating His Sex Tape Leak Amid Contract Feud

The management of Eric Manny thinks Runtown is the mind behind his own sex tape leak, and has now threatened to have the singer arrested.

Recall that in March, news surfaced that the record label filed an injunction at the Federal High Court against the singer, and in the court filing, stated that he “has been deliberately breaching his contract with (Eric Manny) for a while and despite our many appeals to him he has refused to bulge.”

The record company claims he owes them a lot of money, including the payment for a Lamborghini Gallardo and also an album that must be released. The company also claims he has been collaborating with several artists without his label’s written permission, and as a result, no royalties have come back to the label from any of these collaborations.

Runtown and his family denied the claims, instead accused the record of milking the singer.

Shortly after the drama began, the singer’s sex tape appeared on social media, and many fans pointed accusing fingers at the record label, accusing them of attempting to blackmail Runtown.

However, according to LIB, new investigations have surfaced, noting that Runtown orchestrated his own sex tape leak just to tarnish the company’s image.

Read the company’s statement:

“Preliminary findings have revealed that the released sex tape and Whatsapp chat purportedly leaked by Runtown’s label is totally fake and a badly executed stunt by the artist himself. Investigations have led to the capture of a suspect (name withheld) who confessed to using a fake Instagram account to spread the false sex tape leak on Runtown’s request.

We have maintained from the beginning of this saga that Eric Many has a verifiable court injunction against Runtown and we’ll not resort to blackmail or cheap social media stunts as we believe in the rule of law. Investigations are on-going as regards the leaked sex tape story and we’ll let the law take its full course.”

Speaking further, Eric Manny general manager, Johnson Adumike, added, that the company “has been vindicated but we refuse to be drawn into media war with Runtown who the label made and will therefore not destroy. Moreover, trying to use a sex tape to black mail Runtown is just like using a bottle of whisky to blackmail a drunk.”

Runtown had yet to react to the update as at press time.

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