Ruggedman Shades the Heck Out of Mo’Cheddah Following #Sars Beef: ‘She’s a Kid’

Ruggedman wants you all to know he can’t get into a beef with Mo’Cheddah and this is because he considers the grown woman as a child.

In case you missed how their drama started: the rap veteran recently took to his social media to urge his colleagues in the entertainment industry to use their platform in campaigning for the reformation of the police arm, SARS, who Nigerians have accused of brutality and extortion.

While many people applauded Ruggedman’s activism, former singer-turned-fashionista Mo’Cheddah hopped on the post to accuse the rapper of intimidating entertainers, a move that earned her the wrath of Nigerians on social media.

Many people expected Ruggedman to call out Mo’Cheddah and set her straight, but he didn’t. Now, he has shared the reason behind his silence in new chat with Punch.

He said:

“I really would not want to take issues with anyone at this time because I am currently putting finishing touches to my Ruggedman’s Twentieth September Wears clothing line as I am set to unveil its first hoodie and new t-shirt designs. However, Mo Cheddah and I do not have a beef; why would I have a beef with a child? The first and only time I ever saw her was when she ran to my car somewhere in Maryland to tell me that she loves my songs and she is my fan. That was the first and only time I met her. I cannot have any issues with her. If I have issues with anyone who is fighting a good cause, I would not use that cause to display any negative thing. What she did is just unfortunate but she was really tongue-lashed by Nigerians and celebrities. I was very happy that celebrities also condemned what she said. She was very wrong. But like I told someone, her comment helped us to propagate the word the more. That is what I picked from the whole encounter and not what she said because that does not really matter to me.

“When I saw Mo Cheddah’s reply to my call on SARS, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘what is she on?’ Any well-meaning Nigerian would understand what I am saying. She said something like ‘I am trying to force my belief on people,’ what does she mean by my belief? I am not talking about religion, instead I am speaking for the innocent people that are being brutalised and not Ruggedman being brutalised. She also said something about me not forcing people to fight my cause. How is it my cause when it is other people that are being brutalised? I am actually fighting other people’s cause. The bottom line is that if she really did not have anything to say, she should have kept quiet, sadly for her, she was tongue-lashed by Nigerians and that is why I did not say anything about her comment.

Till now, I still don’t understand why she would make such a statement but I am not bothered because what I am fighting for is bigger than anybody’s comment. I am sure that when she saw the response from Nigerians, she knew that she had messed up but ego would not let her delete the comment. It is just like the video she later did where she was insulting people. Although she later deleted it, unfortunately, it was too late for her because the bloggers had picked it up.”


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