Ruggedman Breaks Silence After a Woman Accused Him of Fraud

Ruggedman has addressed the accusation of fraud made against by an Instagram user.

Speaking with LIB, the rapper said he woke up to the strange messages from the woman who claimed that he defrauded her, that she has evidence of this and will be reporting him to the FBI.

In their exchange, the rapper insisted that he had never met her, that perhaps she had fallen prey to impostor on social media who are known to run fake celebrities pages.

“I really don’t know what she’s about though, its possible people using my photos and fake accounts on the internet may have scammed her but I’m sure I’ve put out several warning about that in the past,” said Ruggedman to LIB, adding, “She’s free to report to whichever authority she pleases maybe we’ll understand it better.”

You can see the long screenshots of their exchange here.

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