Ruga Saga: ‘Outsiders won’t take our Lands’ – Fayemi

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State says outsiders will not take over lands in Ekiti as long as he is in charge of the state.

Speaking during a condolence visit to Orin-Ekiti where Emmanuel Ilori, a 65-year-old hunter, was shot dead last weekend, the governor vowed to tackle the incessant killings in the state.

He said efforts were in place to arrest Ilori’s killers, adding that additional security operatives would be deployed in Ekiti.

Fayemi asked non-indigenes wishing to engage in businesses in the state to respect the culture of the people and pursue their interest in line with the laws of the land.

His speech comes amid the controversy over Ruga, the federal government’s plan of settlements for herders across the nation.

“Nobody is coming to take our land in Ekiti; the governor of Ekiti state has power over the land of Ekiti and it is the person that the governor gives land in Ekiti that can use the land of Ekiti,” he said.

“If there are negative comments being peddled around that some people are coming to take over Ekiti land, it’s mere hearsay. It cannot happen in Ekiti except I am no longer the governor of Ekiti state and there is nobody that can be governor in Ekiti that will cede Ekiti land to outsiders because our land is not even enough for us.

“Adequate security of our people is what concerns me most in Ekiti and Nigeria and I want our people to ignore the lies and falsehood some individuals are spreading around. There is nobody that will be governor in Ekiti that will allow outsiders to take over our communities from the people here or say that people coming from elsewhere should come and take over Ekiti land.”

He condemned those politicising Ilori’s death, saying politics should not be played at the expense of lives.

“Those saying this are only playing politics with the matter. This is not politics, security is an issue that concerns all of us,” he said.

“Some individuals have been spreading baseless rumours to cause disaffection because they are no longer in power and it is their wish that Ekiti should be consumed by anarchy.

“I want to assure you that our government has not stopped work on security. No single individual or group can provide security; the local hunters know their terrains very well than our security agents and it will serve the people well if they work together.”


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