Royal Bodyguard Arrested for Drug Possession in Buckingham Palace

A royal bodyguard of the British Monarchy has been arrested for possession of drugs in Buckingham Palace.

The man who serves as one of Queen Elizabeth’s military escorts, was arrested after white powder was found in the guardrooms’s toilet at At James’ Palace where he had been on duty.

Police went on to carry out a thorough search of the man’s room and car at Wellington Barracks and reportedly found nine bags of cocaine and ketamine among his possessions.

The Coldstream Guardsman was arrested on Tuesday, July 28, by the Royal Military Police and has been removed from ceremonial duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police was said to have uncovered five bags of what was suspected to be cocaine and four of ketamine, a horse sedative that is also a Class A drug.

Speaking to MailOnline, an Army Spokesperson said;

“We can confirm that a soldier from the Coldstream Guards has been arrested for a suspected drug offence by the Royal Military Police.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further.”


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