Rita Dominic Replies Filmmakers/Viewers Who Dragged Her for Criticising the Movie Industry

Rita Dominic has finally published a statement after the backlash she received for criticising Nollywood.

Recall that the legendary actress called out filmmakers who rush to put out trashy projects. At first, many people felt this was a general statement, but discerning folks noticed that she did not promote Lilian Afegbai’s latest film, Bound, in which she starred as a lead character. Sources close to the legendary actress said she felt the movie was not cinema-worthy and it was the reason she did not show up at the private screening, and also why she did not promote the movie on her social media pages.

And so, it was why she schooled filmmakers on the importance of producing cinema-worthy project, however, her post stirred major backlash from filmmakers like Don Pedro Okojie, and even her followers.

Now, she has published a statement to explain the reasoning behind her first outburst, why she wants the industry to do better.

She wrote:

“Hello Fam! I wanted to post a video but it was too long so I opted for a long post.

A couple of days ago I posted a quote to motivate active members of my beloved industry. You decided to build a nice big table there, gathered us on top and shook it till we all had to pay attention. It became apparent rather quickly that you have been fed up for a while. Guess what!! I have heard you!I have heard you as an actor. I have heard you as a producer. I will do better. I have never been one not to listen to constructive criticism so it is to my advantage to listen again.

Thanks to the colleagues who called me, tweeted, sent messages and even braved commenting while the table was shaking vigorously. Glad you understood the intention of my post. We are cultivating a cinema culture and we cannot do it without our audience. They have spoken and I have a better grasp of their frustrations.

It is a positive thing to have our consumers emotionally invested In our films. I want to request that our viewers not give up on going to the cinemas to support films. If a film is good encourage the filmmakers by telling others to see it. You have an important role to play in the development of the Nigerian film industry and you have taken the first steps by letting your voices be heard.

You can now stop shaking the table so we can get down to make better films for you.

P.S please register to vote in 2019”

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