Rita Dominic Drags Trolls for Filth and We are Here for it!

Rita Dominic has never been one to brawl with trolls on social media, but she was forced to do so after she encouraged Nigerians to pick up their PVCs and get ready to vote, and folks had a problem with her message.

“You can be educated yet not enlightened. Majority of those we vote into office are obviously not the latter. Get your PVC out. Stop staying home during elections. We must remove people who do not believe in the democratic process,” she tweeted.

Next, a troll has unkind things to say, and she dragged him. “Please try to hide your ignorance, greed and stupidity while people fight to get their country,” she said.

She added, “Notice. I am not taking trash from dimwits this period.”

See her tweets:

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