Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Her Dad Over ‘Fenty’ Trademark

Rihanna reportedly has taken her father Ronald Fenty to court for attempting to profit off her brand name.

According to TMZ, the singer whose real name is Robyn Fenty is taking her father to court for trying to launch a business using the Fenty name. He reportedly had attempted to launch multiple businesses using the name, including a talent development company in 2017 called Fenty Entertainment, but which Rihanna fought over with because she already had trademarked the name.

From the court document, the singer claims her father is using her reputation from Fenty Beauty and other business ventures to try and turn a profit.

“Her father and a business partner falsely advertised themselves as her reps to solicit millions of dollars,” said the TMZ report, adding that this included trying to book Rihanna 15 shows in Latin America for $15 million without her consent. Her dad also attempted to file a trademark for “Fenty” to use with “resort boutique hotels.”

Because of these, Rihanna sent multiple cease and desist letters to her dad, “ordering him to stop capitalizing off of her Fenty trademarks,” but he continues to try to make money off of her name.

Now, she has taken him to court, asking the judge to halt her father’s use of “Fenty.” She is also suing for damages.

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