Residents Flee as Boko Haram Hits Rann Again

Thousands of people reportedly ran across the border to safety in neighbouring Cameroon as suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Monday attacked Rann.

This comes bare a month after the terrorists had attacked the town, burning a UNICEF Clinic— the only healthcare centre in the town.

Médecins Sans Frontières also known as Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an international humanitarian medical organisation, on Wednesday said many are in a state of shock following the attack, TheCable writes.

The organisation said it is providing food, water and emergency medical care to people arriving by foot in the Cameroonian border town of Bodo, roughly four miles from Rann.

“Our team in Bodo estimates that some 8,000 people arrived yesterday, and we expect several thousand more may come today,” Hugues Robert, MSF programme manager for Nigeria, said in a statement.

“We are preparing to assist 15,000 people with food, water and medical care over the coming days. Many were in a state of shock and were clearly distressed by what they had witnessed. Now they have lost all that they have and need absolutely everything.”

Children and pregnant women have reportedly spent nights outdoors as there are no shelters after many parts of the town of Rann were razed during the attack, including market and food stores.

According to Isa Sadiz Bwala, an MSF nurse who visited Rann to assess medical needs, most of the residents have fled to Bodo, while some remained.

“What struck me when we arrived was the silence. Usually Rann bustles with life, but yesterday it was eerie and quiet, like a graveyard,” Bwala said.

“Usually kids run around and play, but yesterday the only ones I saw were standing around quietly, looking anxious. The town has been devastated and I was devastated to see it. Many parts of the town have been burnt. There was still smoke drifting in the sky and the fires were still burning in places.”


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