Reno Omokri hits Nigerian Pastors over ‘false’ New Year prophecies

Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has stated that pastors need to stop giving New Year predictions as it does nothing but to undermines the faith of believers.

As the New Year begins, many Nigerian pastors have already started making predictions about how the year 2020 is going to turn out.

As is so often the case, such prophecies don’t get fulfilled and Reno has some ‘Reno Nuggets’ for these set of clerics.

Taking to his busy Twitter account to explain why pastors need to stop giving New Year predictions, the ex-media aide said most of these predictions don’t come true and it affects the faith of believers.

He tweeted:

“I really wish pastors would stop giving New Year predictions. Many of them don’t come true. And many of those that do come true are so vague they could have referred to anyone. It undermines believers’ faith and, frankly are not necessary.”



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