Remy Ma’s Sister Arrested For Allegedly Shooting & Hitting Woman With Car; Victim Speaks Up

Remy Ma‘s sister, 27-year-old Remeesha Alesia Blount, was reportedly arrested on February 19 for multiple gun charges.

According to The News & Observer, Blount allegedly shot a woman and then ran her over with her car in the parking lot of a bar, causing serious injuries. She was arrested and charged with ‘one count of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, three counts of assault with the weapon with intent to kill and shooting into an occupied vehicle and discharging a firearm in the city.’

The report added that Blount also fired bullets into a car containing three other women. One woman was hit and rushed to the WakeMed Hospital, and she was later arrested at an apartment complex after she fled the scene.

Speaking with the press, the Raleigh Police Department spokesperson Laura Hourigan said they still do not know what led to the altercation. However, this is not the first time Remy’s sister would be getting into trouble with the law.

Hip Hop DX adds that the 27-year-old has “pending charges from previous arrests, including assault with a deadly weapon, shooting a gun inside city limits and assault by pointing a gun.”


However, a woman called Dericka Godly has taken to Facebook to claim that she is the victim, adding that her attacker isn’t Remy Ma’s sister. According to Bossip, here’s what she posted:

“Thank you Lord thank you Jesus I’m feeling fantastic why do my physical therapy so I wanted to go to physical therapy in this program place I can go home ready to walk on my own still a bit sore got me taking Percocet morphine and Tylenol and all above yes I’m in Wake Med and is really messed up how they did the girl that got locked up and I want her fault but if somebody else fault that hit me and she’s hiding but I can say one thing with me it’s kind of slow the kind of ticked off the brain but they will help you put when your feet I know like crazy today but I’m not perfect trying to not try to look impress nobody I want thing all the family and friends that can support me who came to see me and laugh with me in jail with me kept me company and they know who they are I give me a high five to the ones that say it was coming you are I see see you in the long run I’m just ready to see my kids my babies are missing my babies my sweetheart judaea fighting Nevaeh and my son’s zollie got a cell phone he really don’t know how to act what’s will tell the Lord thank you Jesus for let me see another day I’m feeling good wonderful fantastic ready to get the hell up out of this place keep me in prayer in Jesus name we pray amen.”

Remeesha Alesia Blount, who is still held in jail without bail, is due in court on March 13.

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