Remy Ma Fires Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Husband as Manager After Her New Song Flopped

Rem Ma has kicked Vincent Herbert off her team.

Recall that after she landed the multi-million dollar record deal with Columbia Records, the Shether rapper hired Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, as her manager and he promised to be the ‘super’ manager.

Remy re-bounced back to the spotlight in February 2017 after she dropped schathing Nicki Minaj diss records, triggering a near-violent beef that stretched all through last year and still simmers in 2018. The beef created a sort of frenzy in female rap, and folks were eager to see how it pans out. However, for unknown reasons, not many people were interested in Remy’s music. Her song Wake Me Up failed to make the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She dropped a second song this year, Melanin Magic, featuring Chris Brown, which flooped at the charts, and miserably too.

Amid all of this drama, Vincent Herbert, who should be doing his possible best to promote Remy Ma and her music got embroiled in divorce row with Tamar Braxton, and was more interested in saving his marriage.

Now TMZ reports that Remy has fired him.

Sources close to the rapper said she fired him recently for coming up short on his promises. Some of Remy’s complaints include Vincent failing in basic duties like booking studio time, and scheduling performances. It is evident that this was why her latest song failed to rule the waves.

So, who will become the new manager? We wait.

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