Rema Surprises His Ardent Fans With Special Gifts: “Ravers for Life!”

Rema surprised his fans with special gifts, his way of thanking them for all the support they have shown him, how they continually ride hard for him.

“Dear Ravers, I never wanted my special thank you’s to be out loud but now it’s out there let me clear the air,” he captioned the photo of the gift items which came fully packed with teddy bears.

He continued, “People who receive these gifts from me are Ravers who tag me regularly vibing to my sound, Ravers who regularly comment on my YouTube, Ravers who ride for me hard, etc.”

“I have every one of you in mind and I’ll do my best to touch your lives as you’ve touched mine with your support, don’t doubt my love for you, I want you guys to trust me always. I love you guys and I’ll celebrate every one of you one way or another. Ravers for life!” he added.

See his tweets below:

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