Release of “Hunter Killer” Film Starring Gerard Butler Suspended in Russia

BBC is reporting that the Russian release of Hollywood action film Hunter Killer, in which US soldiers save a Russian president during a coup, has been postponed.

According to the network, the film distributor, Megogo Distribution, reportedly has asked cinemas not to show the film hours before the premiere on grounds that it had not received a screening licence. And confirming this news, Russia’s culture ministry, which issues licences, said the company had provided an incomplete package of documents.

However, some reports suggested the release was delayed due to its content.

It is worthy to note that the thriller actually stars Gerard Butler and it follows the story of a team of US Navy Seals who rescue a Russian president taken hostage by his rogue defence ministry, thus averting a global war.

Reacting to the suspension of the film, Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov wrote on their Facebook that Moscow was not keen on the plot’s hypothetical scenario suggesting that President Vladimir Putin – who has been in power for years – could be ousted.

Will the licence eventually be issued? We wait.


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