Rapper XXXTentacion Comes Under Fire for Tweeting Photo of a Drake Lookalike Giving Head

XXXTentacion is catching a lot of fire after he took to Twitter to share a photo of a man giving head and claimed it was Drake.

The unprecedented tweet came as a surprise to many people, and discerning folks were quick to point out that the man was actually pornstar Bruce Jackson, who shares slight resemblance with Drake.

Shortly after the tweet went viral, XXXtentacion returned to his Instagram Story to tell his fans that Drake might try to have him killed. “If anyone tries to kill me it was @champagnepapi,” he said, adding, “Im snitching rn.”

However, many people are calling out the younger rapper for the smear campaign, with some saying he has been ‘cancelled’ for daring to come for Drake. “[You are] canceled this year . We’ll see you next year . You can’t be out here tryna ruin careers … especially not to the 6 god himself,” said one Twitter user.

Seeing the outrage his post stirred, the upcoming rapper quickly returned to his Instagram story to claim that his account got hacked.

This is not the first time he would be disrespecting Drake on social media. He had often accused Drake of ripping off his style, and, at one time, disrespected Drake’s mum on social media.

Now, seeing that his new stunt has backfired, he claims that he got hacked.

But, do folks believe him? “They always lie and say they were “hacked.” How convenient. Man/woman up: you said wtf you said,” said one fan.

Hopefully, Drake will take legal action against him.


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