Rapper T.I. Explains Why He Refuses to ‘Give Up’ on Kanye West: ‘I’ve Invested Too Much Time’

It is not easy being friends with Kanye West.

Recently, the College Dropout rapper went off in series of Twitter rant that shook up the entire world, from declaring support for Donald Trump, bashing Obama, and dismissing 400 years of slavery as a ‘choice’. He has made things difficult for his friends, and it is why folk like rapper T.I., who recently worked with him on the new collab “‘Ye vs. the People, has said that the husband of Kim Kardashian constantly needs an translator.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club, T.I. said it had been six or seven years since he and Kanye sat down for a chat. And asked what he meant when he wrote on social media last week that he wasn’t going to “give up on Kanye”, he said:

“I’m not [giving up], man,” he restated. “We, as the black delegation, we can’t afford to lose Kanye West. What you talking about, man? That’s a catastrophic loss we’re talking about! What are we going to get for that? Elton John? Hell nah. I’m not going for that. I’ve invested too much time.”

He continued, saying, “I think he’s a phenomenal talent of our generation that deserves to be heard and considered, no matter how preposterous it may be. I disagree with it emphatically, but I can’t take away from—first of all, we gotta realize this is Kanye West we’re talking about. It ain’t even maybe 1% of the people on Earth that speak the language of Kanye West.”

He went on, saying he feels Kanye needs help with formulating his thoughts. “The problem is the stuff that come in his head, when it actually come out his mouth and make its way to the air is totally different than it was in here. He kind of need a translator.”

And he said a lot more.

Watch the interview below.


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