Rapper Soulja Boy Arrested for Violating Probation

Complex is reporting that Soulja Boy has been tossed back into jail.

According to the media house, the 28-year-old rapper was taken into custody Thursday, after a Los Angeles judged ruled he had committed multiple probation violations.

This comes from a February raid on Soulja’s San Fernando Valley home, where he was suspected of holding his ex-girlfriend captive. After obtaining a search warrant, law enforcement stormed the residence and found ammunition during their search. The discovery resulted in Soulja’s arrest, as he was on probation for a firearms-related case.

After he was released back then, he  hopped on Instagram to brag about his “comeback.”

“Big Draco! I’m out of jail, n**ga!” he shouted. “This shit ain’t gonna stop, bruh! You got me f**ked up! I had the biggest comeback in 2018! N**gas try to hate me and s**t, bruh. I’m not gonna go out like 6ix9ine, bruh! You got me f**ked up!”

Well, he is back in jail and TMZ reports that will be held without bail until his April 30 court hearing

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