Rapper Lil Pump Arrested in Miami for Driving Without Valid License

Pitchfork is reporting that 18-year-old rapper, Lil Pump, has been arrested.

According to the media house, the rapper whose real name is Gazzy Garcia was whisked away by the officers and records from the Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed that he was pulled over on Wednesday afternoon while driving a white Rolls-Royce.

Presently, he is in custody and his bond has been set at $500.

And this is not the first time the 18-year-old would be falling in trouble with the law.

Earlier this year, Pump was arrested earlier this year for firing a gun inside his own home, claiming that intruders fired from the outside. He got booked at a juvenile detention center and was placed under house arrest.

Now, we can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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