Rapper CupcakKe Breaks Silence After Tweeting About Suicide

CupcakKe has finally broken silence after tweeting suicide on her Twitter days ago.

In case you missed it, the 21-year-old rapper whose real name is Elizabeth Harris took to her page on Monday evening to post a suicide note. “Im about to commit suicide,” she said.

The comment quickly sparked an outpouring of love and support, and shortly after, the Chicago police confirmed to E! News that she was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Her friend Elijah Daniel also shared updates on her via Twitter, telling fans that the police were able to perform a wellness check and took her to the hospital.

Now, CupcakKe has broken her silence on the matter via Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “I’ve been fighting with depression for the longest… sorry that I did it public last night but I’m ok. I went to the hospital & I’m finally getting the help that I need to get through, be happy, & deliver great music. Thanks for all the prayers but please don’t worry [about] me.”

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