Rapper Boonk Gang Leaves Hospital After Being Shot Twice by Assailants

Boonk Gang has been discharged from hospital after reportedly being shot twice by unknown persons, and now he is back to doing drugs again.

The rapper took to his social media to share a photo of himself in clutches, and shortly afterward shared another photo which shows him sipping from a bottle of Pedialyte.

In yet another post, the rapper lamented about not seeing his son since the boy was born on Father’s Day. “My son was born on Father’s Day and I haven’t seen his face,” he wrote, and about the mother of his son, he said: “I love her to death and I wish we could start over.”

This comes just days after Boonk revealed the details about his battle with his mental health, noting that he became addicted to drugs because he always feels lonely. “I do drugs because I feel alone,” he said. Adding, “When I’m high I feel nothing. When I’m sober I feel everything.”

He continued. “My whole life ppl pushed me away. Acting like they care about me.”

Fans are sending him good wishes, while some have asked those close to him to intervene. Swipe to see all his posts.

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