Rapper Boonk Gang Passes Out During Interview, Later Tweets: ‘Drugs Make Everything Feel Better’

Fans are considering staging an intervention to help rapper Boonk Gang after he briefly passed out during a live recording session with media personality Adam22.

From the clip shared by DJ Akadmiks, the rapper is still standing up midway through his interview, and then as he makes to walk out, stumbles and bumps into a wall. And he would have hit the ground if his friend didn’t catch him quickly.

The video stirred worry among his fans, with some saying that Boonk surely needs help.

“Do y’all think it’s time we Stage a intervention to help Boonk??” asked Dj Akadmiks who posted the video. To which another fan replied @gt_empresslana replied: “That young man needs a lot help. Those drugs are going to kill him.”

Well, Boonk is still head deep in his addiction, because he returned to Twitter shortly after to give praise to drugs. “Drugs make everything feel better,” he said.

And this comes barely a month after he took to Instagram to publish his own sex tape, prompting Instagram to kick him off the platform.

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