Rapper AKA Wants Fans to Know That Celebrities are Dumb, Too

AKA has told his fans that celebrities like himself are humans, too, who make mistakes.

The drama started recently when he took to his social media to take shot at an unnamed star, and it wasn’t long before folks began to speculate that he was dissing his colleagues of his nemesis, Cassper Nyovest.

But AKA returned later to say that he was only catching cruise and messing with fans’ heads. “He he he … that last tweet was so good you don’t even know what or who to get upset about,” he said, and continued, “Sometimes I just like to make a poopy on your timeline and carry on with my day like nothing happened.”

Folks didn’t take kindly to this, and he returned late to tell them: “Don’t forget. Celebrities are dumb. Just like you.”

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