Rapper AKA Reveals He’s Recieving Death Threats Amid Xenophobic Attack in SA

AKA has shared some screenshots of the death threats he has received ever since he got called out for his controversial comments about Nigeria and South Africa.

Recall that the drama started yesterday after rapper Ycee slammed AKA over his previous inciting remarks, in which the South African rapper moaned about having to frequently lose to Nigerians during competitions. Ycee’s passionate comments stirred heated reactions, with AKA rising to defend himself, saying that his tantrum was merely about a healthy sibling rivalry, never meant to stir distrust or conflict among the two nations.

However, the likes of Burna Boy insisted that AKA’s comments have implications, especially as the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa worsens, with South African men murdering Nigerians, in South Africa and destroying of their properties.

Now, AKA is getting death threats from upset Nigerians, and he’s shared them and also included messages advocating for a united Africa.

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2 thoughts on “Rapper AKA Reveals He’s Recieving Death Threats Amid Xenophobic Attack in SA

  1. @akaworldwide what were you thinking when you stupidly posted your bitterness about losing to Nigeria in everything? You never thought of the impact on the “illiterate” South African on the street. And you expect Nigerians to take it lightly? You dey craze. Mtcheew

  2. if you say you were misunderstood, try to pass the message to your illiterate brothers and sisters and ask them to stop the unreasonable killings. it has no genuine reason?? jealousy?? we have our own issues here in Nigeria it doesn’t mean we have to kill innocent people continuously that’s rubbish.

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