Rapper AKA Drags South African Men for Sexualising His 4-Year-Old Daughter

AKA has exposed a lot of South African men for sexualising his 4-year-old daughter, Kairo, whose photo he shared on his Twitter on Father’s Day.

In the photo, both daughter and dad are seen sharing adorable time together.

While many people has warm things to say about their father-daughter relationship, some men hopped onto the app to talk about how quickly they want her to begin dating.

And this pissed off the rapper, especially since this is happening at the time South Africa is facing an epidemic of sexual violence and murder of women by their men.

“What is wrong with you? Seriously,” he asked one of the creeping men talking about his daughter, adding: “Your banner says “stop raping women” but you are here on Twitter talking about a 4 year old girl and an unborn baby boyfriend? Like, what is wrong with people?”

To another he said, “Y’all are sick man,” adding, “Oh well … Nothing to be surprised about here.”

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